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Brakspear breweries


Brakspear Brewery

Henley on Thames had a brewery that dated back to 1711 Brakspear Brewery in Bell Street; to give the brewery its full name W.H. Brakspear & Sons.

Like many breweries in England Brakspear Brewery was a family run brewery with William Henry Brakspear beginning the brewery with his son Robert Brakspear after a period of being landlord of the Cross Keys, Witney joining his father and uncle Richard Hayward to run the brewery in Henley on Thames.  Brakspear Brewery was to move from Bell Street to New Street, still in Henley on Thames, in 1812 which is where it remained until it closed with the brewing operation being moved to Marston's Wychwood Brewery in Witney.


Why does Brakspear have a bee as part of its logo?

Pope Adrian IV was a relative of the Brakspear family and the only Pope to have been an Englishman, Nicholas Breakspear (yes spelt slightly differently) in his mitre he had a bee symbol reminding his of his original surname which was later used by the Brakspear Brewery as their logo.

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Brakspear's Double Drop process

A double drop is the name given to the way that the brewing vessels are arranged.  The fermenters are arranged next to each other in a fermenting room with large vessels located in the roof eves and when ready the fermenters are opened allowing the beer to drop into the vessels below which allows aeration then the rest of the fermentation process continues in the vessels.  Hence Double Drop - two levels dropping system.


 Microbrewery in Bell Street

The Bell Street Brewery 

In a building that is one of the oldest buildings in Henley on Thames Bell Street Brewery was established in 2013 by Malcolm Mayo who used to work at Marston's Wychwood Brewery.  The microbrewery has brought brewing back to Bell Street with their classic bitter Brakspear Special produced for the Bull and to some of the local pubs in the area.