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Pub Schedules of Condition

Are you leasing or about to lease a Pub?

YES, then a Schedule of Condition is essential and will limit your future dilaps liabilities.

Our Pub Surveyors will provide detailed Schedules of Condition, which will protect You from large costly dilaps claims.  

Our tailor made Schedules of Condition contain hundreds of survey photos, unique survey sketches and action required sections, which details works needed to be carried out.

If you are pre-lease, leasing a pub or at the end of a pub lease a Schedule of Condition will help you save time and money.  Free phone 0800 298 5424 today - we will help You.

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pub schedules of condition are essential

Schedule of Condition

We provide the best Pub Schedules of Condition money can buy

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Download a free example pub Schedule of Condition below

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From Pub building experts

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Pub Dilaps claim? we offer a no win no fee dilaps service

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Schedules of Condition on Pubs - why Pub Surveyors provide the best:-

  1. Property inspected by highly qualified, specialist Chartered Building Surveyors.
  2. Aerial view 360 photos – Our Schedules of Condition contain many survey photos and aerial view 360 photos, which give a unique bird’s eye view of hidden and difficult to view areas in a cost-effective way giving an accurate account of the property on the day of inspection.
  3. Unique survey sketches – We have commissioned hundreds of unique survey sketches which we include in our Schedules of Condition to ensure you have a clear understanding of the property.
  4. Latest surveying technical equipment – All our Pub Building Surveyors use the latest surveying technical equipment including for example thermal image cameras which give accurate measurements for analysis of areas with defects.
  5. 3D models and floorplans – We will provide 3D models and floorplans to aid with the record of the building and any alterations/amendments.
  6. Independent Dilaps Advice – all our Pub Building Surveyors are Independent Chartered Surveyors working with your best interests at heart.

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Fast, friendly advice from experienced, knowledgeable Pub Building Surveyors

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Two surveys for the price of one!

Pub Surveyors don't just provide comprehensive pub Schedules of Condition we also provide, free of charge, a Property Report on the pub building with our Schedules of Condition.

The Pub Property Report provides further in depth information regarding the pub building and is a excellent document to use when negotiating your pub lease or your future pub dilaps claim.

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Full structural surveys can also be provided of the pub building, which outline in full detail external and internal elements of the commercial property by our Independent Chartered Surveyors.

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Schedule of Condition – protects you and limits your liabilities with future pub dilaps claims

Our Pub Building Surveyors produce high quality Schedules of Condition detailing your pub externally and internally from roof top to foundation/ceiling to floor describing the condition of the element and action required to bring to the standard set out within the lease. We always recommend that a Schedule of Condition is the best way to protect yourself and is an aid to limit your liabilities with future dilaps claims. A Schedule of Condition carried out prior to you taking on the pub lease and legally appended to the lease will benefit you at the end of the lease giving you an invaluable record of the property, which will assist in negotiating/arguing your point of view with a pub dilapidations claim.

Below is an example of an element of a pub building as shown in our detailed Schedules of Condition



Flemish Bond Brickwork

Flemish bond brickwork

Red brickwork with cement pointing



Spalling brickwork, weathered pointing to rear lichens and vegetation growth

Flemish bond brickwork

Broken vent

broken vent

Action Required


Remove lichens and vegetation with care not to damage brickwork

cement pointing


Ad-hoc repointing and/or replacement of spalling bricks

Replace vent

Make pipework watertight, further investigation at roof level