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 Dilapidations  - essential advice and negotiations


What are Dilapidations? What are Dilaps?


Dilaps is a complicated process for which you should seek legal advice and appoint an experienced dilapidations pub/restaurant/hotel surveyor to help you with this. 

Dilapidations are the costs involved to the tenant when exiting a lease. In simple terms a Landlord will require the property to be left in a suitable condition for him to re-rent at the end of a lease.


What the Landlord, Pub owner and Brewery can do to you 


If the Landlord believes that the tenant has not honoured the requirements within the lease a Schedule of Dilapidations is issued and a legal process begins. This would include the removal of all of the tenant's fixtures and fittings and the reinstatement of any alterations or installations that the tenant has made unless these have been agreed in writing. 


How much will a Dilaps claim cost you?


The cost of a Dilapidations claim can be substantial therefore it is essential that you appoint a surveyor to act on your behalf.  We can produce a Schedule of Dilapidations on behalf of either the landlord or the tenant. 


Example of a Dilapidations claim


If you call us we will be more than happy to send you an example Dilapidations claim or more importantly an example Schedule of Condition as this will protect you against a Dilapidations claim.





Strategic Dilapidations Report

Dilapidations are now as certain as death and taxes!  We offer a service whereby we can produce a Strategic Dilapidations Report for you to help to minimise your future Dilapidations costs.  


What do our Dilaps reports include? 

Our Dilaps reports are detailed but to the point and will give you the best advice based upon our many years of experience within the pub, restaurant and hotel industry.

In the report we will look at your lease and in particular the  Repairs, Redecoration, Reinstatement, Statutory Regulations and Yield Up clauses and give our view on an Interim Dilapidations.  



Dilapidations article

We divide our Strategic Dilapidations Reports into the following sections.     


Executive Summary
Photographic Record
Situation and Description
Quality of Lease
Survey Findings
Summary Upon Reflection
Appendices with Limitations 

Example Pub Strategic

Dilapidations report

Example Pub

Schedule of Condition


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